❶ NEW Lutron SRD-6D-SW RadioRA-SR Rf 600 Watt Dimmer - Choice of Satin Color!

$ 152.00

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 ★ New  Lutron RadioRA Single Room Dimmers- SRD-6D-SW (26 different satin or gloss colors to choose from)-   RadioRA-SR Rf 600 watt Dimmer - Guaranteed  to work - I have almost perfect, semi scratched, scratched & best left for the  garage in stock or I can do perfect  for $148 without the wallplates.


Just let me know what you are looking for. 

I  have a few of these so if you need more than one - just send me a message BUT  once I run out I doubt I will be getting more in - so don't wait. Guaranteed  Fully operational.  

I also have a few of the SRD-8ANS, SDR-10D & SRD-10ND but I have never even seen  these before on eBay - Super, super rare to find now and I doubt I will get any  more in ever!


Visit my store today and click on the RadioRA-SR category on the lefthand side  of the page OR Send me your wish list - and I will let you know what I have left. 

★ Buy it now includes Satin or Gloss color of  your choice, coordinating screwless Lutron/Claro wallplates  + Free  priority shipping, delivery confirmation & insurance!  Sorry - Wallplates are not included on Best Offers.

Retails for over $170 with the satin wallplate

SRD-6D-SW   Snow White -  (New + Lutron  Satin Snow White Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-BI    Biscuit -  (New + Lutron  Satin Biscuit  Screwless  wallplate)

SRD-6D-MN  Midnight -  (New + Lutron Satin Midnight Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-TQ  Turquoise  -  (New + Lutron Satin Turquoise Screwless  wallplate)

SRD-6D-SG  Sea  Glass -  (New + Lutron  Satin Sea Glass Screwless  wallplate)

SRD-6D-TP  Taupe  -  (New + Lutron Satin Taupet Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-ES   Eggshell -  (New + Lutron Satin EggshellScrewless  wallplate)

SRD-6D-PD  Palladium -  (New + Lutron Satin Palladium  Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-SI    Sienna  -  (New + Lutron Satin Sienna  Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-TC   Terracotta -  (New + Lutron Satin Terracotta  Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-GB  Greenbriar-  (New + Lutron Satin Greenbriar  Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-BG   Bluestone-  (New + Lutron Satin Bluestone  Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-MS  Mocha Stone  -  (New + Lutron Satin Mocha  Stone Screwless  wallplate)

SRD-6D-GS   Goldstone-   (New + Lutron Satin Goldstone  Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-DS  Desert Stone-  (New + Lutron Satin Desert  Stone Screwless  wallplate)

SRD-6D-ST   Stone-   (New + Lutron Satin Stone  Screwless wallplate)

SRD-6D-LS  Limestone-  (New + Lutron Satin Limestone  Screwless wallplate)



Retails for over $155 with wallplate

 Available  color with matching wallplate option is below:

Gloss:  SRD-6D-WH - White Gloss Faceplate   + Lutron Gloss White Screwless  single gang wallplate

Gloss: SRD-6D-AL  - Almond Faceplate  + (Lutron  Gloss Almond Screwless single  gang wallplate)

Gloss: SRD-6D-LA  - Light  Almond Faceplate  +( Lutron  Gloss Light Almond Screwless single  gang wallplate)

Gloss:  SRD-6D-IV  - Ivory Gloss Faceplate  +( Lutron  Gloss Ivory Screwless single gang wallplate)

 Gloss:  SRD-6D-BL  -  Black  Gloss Faceplate  +( Lutron  Gloss Black Screwless single gang wallplate)

 Gloss:  SRD-6D-BR  -  Brown  Gloss Faceplate  +( Lutron  Gloss Brown Screwless single gang wallplate)


RadioRA-SR Maestro dimmers function  much like a standard dimmer, but can be controlled as a part of the whole-house  lighting control system.

  • Advanced features such as  fade-on/fade-off, long fade-off, and rapid full-on
  • Can be programmed with single  and double-tap functions
  • For use with a single  incandescent or electronic low-voltage circuit up to 500 W
  • Must be located within 30 ft  of an RF processor or hybrid repeater

RadioRA-SR Maestro SRD-6D Dimmer used in both localized and optimized lighting control  designs, function much like standard dimmers and switches, and have an integral  microprocessor, allowing them to be incorporated into the whole-house lighting  control system. Communications with the system is accomplished through radio  frequency. 

★ Buy it now includes Satin or Gloss color of  your choice, coordinating screwless Lutron/Claro wallplates  + Free  priority shipping, delivery confirmation & insurance!  Sorry - Wallplates are not included on Best Offers.


  • Free Shipping, delivery confirmation + shipping insurance. Guaranteed to  work.

  • Offers may be considered but keep in  mind eBay charges quite a bit for me to sell + Paypal & USPS Fees- Ouch  indeed!

  • Please remit payment via PayPal within 3 days.

  • Please provide confirmed mailing address

  • I  will ship within 1-2 business days of your Cleared payment

  • Buy it now requires instant  payment

  • Buy multiple items & I'll  upgrade to priority shipping

  • Replacement available if still in  stock (may be different color)

  • Please Note - radio ra original is not  compatible with RadioRA-SR (ra2)

  • Used RadioRA or RadioRA-SR units will  need to be reset to factory (easy to do)

  • Used units will show normal use with  some scratches

  • Need a whole starter package - let me  know and I will put one together for you

  • Once you experience light control -  you'll never go back to flipping a switch - guaranteed.

  • Auction is for 1 item unless specified  otherwise. Ask me if you need more - I may have new or used still in stock.

  • I am a huge Lutron fan so feel free to  ask any questions - I have installed Maestro, Maestro wireless, ra & ra2

  • I can help with most questions about  installation as well. No more X-10 for me - Lutron is truly the only way to  go.

  • 14  Day Return if defective. I guarantee all items to work - Buyer pays return  shipping

  • Return Policy -  Returns only accepted if defective  (which rarely occurs due to Lutron's Fabulous Quality Controls). Please  return defective item with delivery confirmation + insured and upon receipt  another will be immediately sent to you if in stock or ordered & shipped to  you if not on hand. There is a 20% restocking/handling fee to cover  shipping, handling & eBay/paypal fees if you changed your mind and no longer  want the item only as long as it was not used/installed or if upon return  the item is not defective. If items show they were installed/used - there is  a 30% restocking/handling fee.  If you do not like the color - just let  me know and I can order color change kit for you.

Thank you for considering my auction(s)! If  you need more than one or multiple items - feel free to contact me anytime - I  want you to be happy with your purchase - please contact me immediately if there  are any problems. Message me today with your email  address for a link to all of your options.I guarantee my items and I  will resolve, replace or refund upon return of the item(s). Also I ship insured  so we are both protected!