Serena Shades

I love Maestro Wireless and I use this everywhere that it just doesn't make sense to install RadioRA®2 (or I have clients that do not want to spend the extra money for the RA2 integration). Laundry rooms, Hallways, Closets, Bathrooms other than your Master Bath - this is a fabulous system when paired with an occupancy sensor.

You will find that I do not stock Caséta  nor do I recommend the Lutron's Serena motorized shading lines.

The purpose of a home automation system is to run quitely in the background. While adding in a Lutron Smartbridge will help you with control and add in timeclocks with Caséta & Serena, RadioRA®2  Maestro Wireless will run quitely in the background irregardless of whether your internet connection is up and running or not.

I love occupancy sensors as it is like having staff in your home and any system that neglects that most important feature is not, in my opinion, worth spending money on.

Plus I can not tell you how many prospective clients that have contacted me wanting to add more devices to their system that I have had to say - Sorry you are maxed out on the Caséta line. Or worse - they have spend 1000s of dollars on Serena shades only to find out that they will NOT integrate with a RadioRA®2 system. Save yourself the headaches of wanting more control in the future and go the right route the first time with a RadioRA®2 system, Triathlon Shades and use Maestro Wireless on everything else you do not need scene control on or all off functionality.

If you are dead set on the Serena shades - I am still happy to help you. I would just rather you be informed upfront instead of angry at me later when I tell you that you have maxed out on the number of devices the system can run or that I can not add this to a timeclock without an active internet connection and the purchase of additional equipment like the Lutron Smartbridge.

On a tight budget - let me know what you are looking for and I will let you know when I have used devices come in. Or I recommend that you sign up for a service I offer to my clients - clicking here will grant you Exclusive Access to product releases and limited time offerings that do not make it to the website.