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One Platform to Rule them All!


If you are new to the idea of Light & Home Control - Click here to view an interactive demo


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I can design the perfect RadioRA®2 Home Control System + order/ship anything Lutron &/or RadioRA2 directly to you that your heart desires (Free shipping if order is over $300) You'll enjoy your home again plus all the other benefits energy savings, safety, no more running around the house to turn on all the lights & adjust them to just the right level for entertaining - 1 button can do that for you instead.

Click here to view & print my planning worksheet - time is of the essence as my inventory is time sensitive & I only have a few openings a month for programmed systems. 

Contact me directly with any questions - I use this system in my Home everyday & just love it! 



Fabulous TIP - If you are in the process of building a home or addition - I can email you a photo of a fantastic option for you if your walls and electric are not in yet. I have quite a few clients that now wiring all of their lighting circuits into a closet and then putting the keypads in the rooms instead of 4 or 5 gang banks of light switches. Usually if I can get a hold of the process soon enough - I can cure your home of Wall acne forever and I strongly recommend you consider this option. Or click here to get more details including information on how to End Wall Acne Forever

RA2 works perfectly & every time so you can install large button back lit keypads in your rooms engraved with what ever options you decide the buttons are to perform for you (you have up to 7 button keypads to take advantage of). Absolutely a Fabulous option and looks gorgeous in both new homes & retrofits. This also works well if you have a basement or good crawl space. Install your dimmers down there and turn your wall boxes into keypad boxes or just install Hybrids. I guarantee you'll be thrilled with the results & convenience. 

Dark Keypads get Back Lit Letters

Don't like white- I can remedy that - See more Below. Lutron has 26 different colors for switches, dimmers, keypads + outlets with matching screwless wallplate color options - Including satin and stone colors - which can be changed easily at any time.Changing your wall color is harder! - Switch plate can be changed without removing switch or mounting wallplate from the wall - decorators dream invention! They even have stainless steel wallplates (but not switches) - Black with stainless covers looks amazing in a modern home. Pair these with a motion sensor and you'll never have to touch a light switch again! 

Just message me today and I will email you my 36 page Brochure on Radiora2 and all of its Fabulous Options or Click here to view it now - See page 16 & 17 for photos of all of your color options. I can order any color they offer for you.

If you need different items - just let me know and I can put a package together for you & ship usually all within 24-48 hours (Yes - I work evenings & weekends).


Don't like white - see below as I have 26 color options for most of these items.

If I do not have the exact color you want in stock - I can order that for you.


Message me today or text to me at 541-331-3421 for custom programming + a link to all of your options. Or Click here to get more details including information on how to End Wall Acne Forever

Want to get started right away? Click here to view & print my planning worksheet - time is of the essence as my inventory is time sensitive & I only have a few openings a month for programmed systems.

Contact me directly with any questions - I really do use this same system in my own Home everyday & just love it!




Have an existing system? Maestro or Maestro Wireless System, Radiora Classic, Homeworks, - I can help you resell it or if you have a RadioRA Classic System - Lutron is offering a trade in program for a limited time - Click here for the full details and the inventory list I will need back to give you a Trade in Estimate.

 Light Color Keypads get Back Lit Buttons

Interested in Adding Motorized Shades to your Home?

Consider adding Lutron's Sivoia QS Wireless Honeycomb or Roller Shades. Click here for more motorized shading details. - These are now called the QS Triathlon Shades which now includes a battery operated Roller Shade. I also carry the Serena shades but be aware these can not be added to timeclocks or RA2/QS automation systems. They are pico remote controlled only. And trust me - having these shades auto open and auto close everyday is worth the extra expense. Set them and forget them forever. Here is a quick demo:

Actual cost depends on size, fabric, cell type & number of shades ordered - average has been $498 each shipped to you.

Average price is for single cell fashion neutral Honeycomb shade that are battery powered in approximately a 28 wide by 36 high window. The fancier room darkening shades in the spun lace are more expensive but the room darkening shades actually offer up to 4.3 R-Value Rating - Amazing! Please fill out the Cellular Shade Spec form and send it to me for a quick quote.   The Motorized Roller Shades start at $589 + shipping. Available Now - Average price for 28 wide by 36 high window is $589 (2.5 times less than the wired QS Roller shades). These are amazing and so easy to install - single mount bracket. Available in any Roller Shade Fabric and some even up to 120".


New - now fully integrates with RadioRA®2 and I am also an dealer due to RA2 client demands. I can preprogram an entire security system (up to 40 total devices including smoke & CO2 detectors) complete with a cellular GSM modem with a battery backup unit - works even if your telephone lines are cut and they shut off your power! I can provide DIY monitoring plus program these with up to 40 wireless battery operated sensors and ship with your RadioRA®2 programmed system.

Features include touchscreen display (Simon XTi), talking two way touchscreens for easy at door control, geo-fences, auto alarm schedules, arm/disarm from your smartphone, tablet or computer as well as image sensors that allow you to peek in during the day to check on pets, kids, plus images are taken during all alarm events. You can even peek in on contractors working on your home plus add Schlage auto door locks and you can open the door & turn your lights on for them too!

Plus you can even set event triggered rules with specific time frames - arm your system with the away mode in the evening and we can set it up to run an away theme and run a Welcome Home theme when you disarm and return. Or have an All Off theme when you leave and arm your security system during the day! And turn on all your lights when an alarm is triggered! And so much more including even weather reports to your panel!

Smile - Can you tell I am excited? I run this system in my own home and I am just delighted with this new level of control & conditional programming unavailable before with RadioRA2 on its own.Click here to Learn how an alarm system can control your Welcome Home & Away Scenes

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