❶ Lutron HRD-8ANS-IV Homeworks Rf HW 8amp Switch -Color Choice -Previously Loved

$ 149.00


 ★ Great Condition Lutron Homeworks Used Switch- HRD-8ANS-IV - Homeworks Rf 8 amp switch - Guaranteed to work - I have almost perfect, semi scratched, scratched & best left for the garage in stock or I can do perfect for $185. Just let me know what you are looking for. These retail for $285. 

I have a few of these so if you need more than one - just send me a message BUT once I run out I doubt I will be getting more in - so don't wait. Guaranteed Fully operational.  Note - these have wires to hookup not terminals. 

I also have a few of the HRD-6D & 10DS, and the HD-RD & HD-RS companion dimmers switches as well as New HRT-3LDs in white and black and a few new & used tabletop controllers too! Send me your wish list - and I will let you know what I have left. 

★ Buy it now includes coordinating white screwless Lutron/Claro wallplates  + Free priority shipping, delivery confirmation & insurance! + Option for compatible HD-RD companion for $28 more! See below in Orange for upgrade promotion Lutron is running. Sorry - Wallplates are not included on Best Offers.

Retails for over $285

 Available color with matching wallplate option is below:

Gloss:  HRD-8ANS-WH - White Gloss Faceplate  + Lutron Gloss White Screwless single gang wallplate

Gloss:  HRD-8ANS-IV - Ivory Gloss Faceplate  +( Lutron Gloss Ivory Screwless single gang wallplate)


Need more HomeWorks Dimmers, Switches, Keypads, etc?

I can help - My wholesale pricing on ordered direct from Lutron for New Dimmers, Switches, Lamp dimmers are below + I have 26 color options: http://t-crealty.com/Love-your-home-again-with-RA2.pdf  See page 16 & 17 for photos of all of your color options. I can order any color they offer for you. (yes - I know this is for RA2 but the faceplates are universal).

HRD-6D  $243
HRD-10   $298
HRT-3LD  $185  RF Lamp dimmer

Other used items I might still have in stock are (may or may not be listed yet):

4 - HWD-5NE Dimmer
8 - HWD-6D Dimmer
2 - HRD-8ANS Switch
2 - HD-RD Remote Dimmer
2 - HD-RS Remote Switch
1 - HRT-3LD Black Lamp Dimmer
6 - HRT-3LD White Lamp Dimmer

Some are white, almond, light almond & some are stone - please email me for exact numbers and colors.


Tired of paying such high prices for HomeWorks?

You are not alone. I have several eBayers that are opting to switch out to Radiora2 instead of buy more HomeWorks or opting to run both and slowly switch out their existing homeworks system.

I can help you if you decide to go either route and I can either help you resell what you currently have or buy it from you and give you a credit towards your RA2 purchase. Keep in mind though - it takes me months usually to sell a setup and eBay, PayPal + USPS end up (sadly) making most of the profit.

With Radiora2 out - Homework is a really tough to sell. One rep told me that even Lutron said it would kill 65% of their HW jobs. Retail (List Price) is $285 for the hrd-6d & lamp dimmers and the hrd-10d is $350. However most programmers sell the stuff also so they make their money on the programming. With Radiora2 - I can give you the link to take classes to get the RA2 software so you can program your system yourself and never pay for someone to come out and   change your bathroom night light to dim at 20% instead of 40%.

Lutron is offering an upgrade promotion right now if you want to upgrade from RA to RA2 or RA or Homeworks to Homeworks QS (which is less expensive than Homeworks.  And it is a nice offering as well - I have several clients taking advantage of this offer - message me for more details. Basically  if you can dream it – I can make it happen. Homeworks wired dimmers and switches will work with Homeworks QS.

Homeworks RF Maestro dimmers function much like a standard dimmer, but can be controlled as a part of the whole-house lighting control system.

  • Advanced features such as fade-on/fade-off, long fade-off, and rapid full-on
  • Can be programmed with single and double-tap functions
  • For use with a single incandescent or electronic low-voltage circuit up to 500 W
  • Must be located within 30 ft of an RF processor or hybrid repeater

HomeWorks Maestro 8 Amp Switch used in both localized and optimized lighting control designs, function much like standard dimmers and switches, and have an integral microprocessor, allowing them to be incorporated into the whole-house lighting control system. Communications with the system is accomplished through radio frequency. 
  • Name: HW RF 8 Amp Switch  Ivory
  • Category: Lighting Controls


  • Controllable Function: Light Control
  • Number of Controllable Devices: 1
  • Dimmer Type: Rocker
  • Switch Type: Tap
  • Input Voltage: 110 V AC
  • Frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz
  • Power Rating: 1 kW
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 4.7" Height x 3.0" Width x 0.3" Thickness
  • Application/Usage: Low Voltage Lighting

General Information

Brand Name  Lutron
Manufacturer  Lutron Electronics Co., Inc
Manufacturer Part Number  HRD8ANS
Product Line  HomeWorks
Product Model  HRD-8ANS
Product Type  Hard Wire Switch 
Status Indicators  Green indicator light
Application/Usage Low Voltage Lighting

Certifications & Standards

  • UL
  • CSA
  • FCC
  • Industry Canada


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions   4.7" Height x 3.0" Width x 0.3" Thickness

★ Buy it now includes coordinating white screwless Lutron/Claro wallplates  + Free priority shipping, delivery confirmation & insurance! + Option for compatible HD-RD companion for $28 more!


  • Free Shipping, delivery confirmation + shipping insurance. Guaranteed to work.

  • Offers may be considered but keep in mind eBay charges quite a bit for me to sell + Paypal & USPS Fees- Ouch indeed!

  • Please remit payment via PayPal within 3 days.

  • Please provide confirmed mailing address

  • I will ship within 1-2 business days of your Cleared payment

  • Buy it now requires instant payment

  • Buy multiple items & I'll upgrade to priority shipping

  • Replacement available if still in stock (may be different color)

  • Please Note - Radio RA original is not compatible with Radiora2 (Ra2)

  • Used Radiora or Radiora2 units will need to be reset to factory (easy to do)

  • Used units will show normal use with some scratches

  • Need a whole starter package - let me know and I will put one together for you

  • Once you experience light control - you'll never go back to flipping a switch - guaranteed.

  • Auction is for 1 item unless specified otherwise. Ask me if you need more - I may have new or used still in stock.

  • I am a huge Lutron fan so feel free to ask any questions - I have installed Maestro, Maestro wireless, RA & RA2

  • I can help with most questions about installation as well. No more X-10 for me - Lutron is truly the only way to go.

  • 14 Day Return if defective. I guarantee all items to work - Buyer pays return shipping

  • Return Policy -  Returns only accepted if defective (which rarely occurs due to Lutron's Fabulous Quality Controls). Please return defective item with delivery confirmation + insured and upon receipt another will be immediately sent to you if in stock or ordered & shipped to you if not on hand. There is a 20% restocking/handling fee to cover shipping, handling & eBay/paypal fees if you changed your mind and no longer want the item only as long as it was not used/installed or if upon return the item is not defective. If items show they were installed/used - there is a 30% restocking/handling fee.  If you do not like the color - just let me know and I can order color change kit for you.

Thank you for considering my auction(s)! If you need more than one or multiple items - feel free to contact me anytime - I want you to be happy with your purchase - please contact me immediately if there are any problems. Message me today with your email address for a link to all of your options.I guarantee my items and I will resolve, replace or refund upon return of the item(s). Also I ship insured so we are both protected!