❶ New! Lutron LRF2-OCRB-P-WH Maestro Wireless Powr Savr Occupancy Sensor Grafik

$ 64.70


NEW!! Lutron LRF2-OCRB-P-WH Maestro Wireless Occupancy and/or Vaca​ncy Sensor

Retails for $130

Also Works with Radiora®2, Homeworks QS,  Maestro Wireless MRF2 + even motorized shades RadioRA 2 RadioRa2 RA2 

Lutron LRF2-OCRB-P-WH Radio Powr Savr (power saver) Occupancy/Vaca​ncy Sensor works with Radiora 2 + Maestro Wireless units - MRF2 - + GRAFIIK Eye QS and Homeworks QS. 

Sadly these do not work with the classic lines - Radiora or Homeworks - Only the newer lines.

★ Buy it now includes option to buy a White Maestro Wireless Pico remote controller discounted to $38 or Lutron's Daylight Sensor LRF2-DCRB-WH for $98 + Free priority shipping, delivery confirmation & insurance!



Message me today or text to me at 541-331-3421 for custom programming + a link to all of your options. Or get more details here: www.t-crealty.com/Lutron/more-details.htm


Want to get started right away? Please complete my planning worksheet - www.t-crealty.com/Planning-Worksheet.pdf - time is of the essence as my inventory is time sensitive & I only have a few openings a month for programmed systems. 


Contact me directly with any questions - I use this system in my Home everyday & just love it!

So I have a few of these left over from an install in my own home & my parents home. I put these everywhere - closets, entry, bath, halls, laundry, basement, family room, dining room, living room - I can not tell you how much I enjoy my home now. It is like having your own personal assistant. I have them all set to come on when they sense motion at a very low setting so no more stubbing my toes or whacking the dining room table anymore in the middle of the night.

I am using both Maestro wireless (mrf2) units and Radiora 2 units with these sensors with zero problems/interference. Needless to say -I am a huge Lutron fan so feel free to ask any questions - I have installed Maestro, Maestro wireless, RA & RA2 Tip: Mrf2 switches are so much cheaper than Radiora. I did my car safe entry with mrf2 switches.

I also have another listing with mrf2 switches - perfect combination. I have the lrf2 in my entry which is paired the entry light. The light switch is 3 inches from the door and one has to walk 15 feet to get there so I put a pico in the dining room so I can turn the entry & porch light on before I even get close to the front door. I feel so much safer..


  • Automate Maestro Wireless devices to turn on when you're in the room and off when you aren't
  • Passive infrared motion detection offers precise motion detection
  • Three settings: Auto-On/Auto-Off, Auto-On Low-Light/Auto-Off, and Manual-On/Auto-Off
  • Multiple ceiling-mount methods available for different ceiling materials
  • Battery powered - no wiring required

Essential Info

The Lutron Radio Powr Savr Wireless RF Ceiling Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor are battery-powered passive infrared (PIR) sensors that can automatically control lights or fans on a Lutron Maestro Wireless system. The Radio Powr Savr Wireless RF Ceiling Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor detects the heat from people moving within an area to determine when the space is occupied. The sensors then wirelessly transmits the appropriate commands to an associated Maestro Wireless devices (or devices) to turn on or off automatically. Up to 3 sensors can be added with each RF dimming or switching device for extended coverage. Each sensor may be added to up to 10 compatible RF dimming and switching devices for spaces with multiple zones of lighting. They combine both convenience and exceptional energy savings along with ease of installation.

Please Note: This product also works with Lutron RadioRA2 and GRAFIIK Eye QS Wireless systems. It does not work with Radiora Classic though - Sorry...


  • No external power packs, power wiring, or communication wiring necessary
  • Has a radio frequency (RF) range of up to 60ft between sensor and compatible RF receiving device(s)
  • 10 year battery life
  • Has a multiple segmented lens, which internal grooves to eliminate dust and residue build-up
  • 360° field of view, 400 sq. ft. range at 9 ft. ceiling height
  • Product Specifications
    Part NumberLRF2-OCRB-P-WH
    Batteries Included?Yes
    Batteries Required?Yes
    Item Dimensions
    Length1.13 inches
    Width3.57 inches
    Height3.57 inches

    Product Description

    Radio Power Saver wireless ceiling-mounted occupancy/vacancy sensors save you energy without the thought of it ever crossing your mind. This Radio Power Saver is able to turn on the lights when you enter a room and then off after you leave it, using it's XCT passive infrared fine motion detecting technology. This sensor is very easy to install and can control up to 10 compatible dimmers/switches.

    Product Description

    This sensor can communicate with up to nine dimmers and switches. Add up to three sensors for maximum coverage

    More Info

    Additional Key Features
  • Auto-On Low-Light feature will only turn lights on automatically if there is less than approximately 1 fc (10 lux) of ambient light
  • 360° coverage ranges from 324 sq. ft to 676 sq. ft. for superior fine motion detection
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments available for Timeout, Auto-On, and Sensitivity settings
  • Front accessible test buttons make setup easy
  • Lens illuminates during test mode to verify ideal locations
  • Meets CA Title 24 requirements
  • RoHS compliant
  • 10-year battery life design
    Sensor Placement
  • The sensor's ability to detect motion requires line-of-sight of room occupants. The sensor must have an unobstructed view of the room. DO NOT mount behind or near tall cabinets, shelves, hanging fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. The sensor cannot see through glass objects such as patio or shower doors.
  • Hot objects and moving air currents can affect the sensor's performance. To ensure proper operation, the sensor should be mounted at least 4 ft (1.2 m) away from light bulbs below the ceiling line and HVAC vents.
  • The sensor's performance depends on a temperature differential between the ambient room temperature and that of room occupants. Warmer rooms may reduce the sensor's ability to detect occupants.
  • The sensor should be mounted within 60 ft (18 m) line of sight or 30 ft (9.1 m) through walls, of the associated dimming and switching receiving devices.
    Drop Ceiling (Compressed Fiber Ceiling Tile) Mounting
    The ceiling tile mounting wire is provided for both temporary and permanent mounting of the sensor to ceiling tiles. It is designed to allow temporary mounting, testing, and repositioning (if necessary) of the sensor without damaging a ceiling tile. Once the sensor's final position has been chosen, the mounting wire should be twisted to lock the sensor in place permanently.
    Solid Ceiling (Drywall, Plaster, Concrete, or Wood) Mounting
    Temporary mounting: Two 3MTM Command adhesive strips are provided for temporarily mounting and testing the sensor. These strips are designed for easy, damage-free removal and are not reusable.
    Permanent mounting: Screws and anchors provided to mount sensor.
    Please Note: Temporary mounting is recommended to test sensor coverage and wireless communication before permanently installing the sensor.

    About Maestro Wireless
    Maestro Wireless is a light control system that allows you to create custom solutions for anywhere in your home. It consists of radio frequency (RF) devices that are easily configured to communicate together for wireless control of lights. The system includes dimmers, switches, lamp dimmers, occupancy sensors and Pico wireless controls. Companion dimmers and companion switches are available for multi-location control. Choose the products that meet your needs.

    • Interested in Adding Motorized Shades to your Home?


      Consider adding Lutron's Sivoia QS  Wireless Honeycomb or Roller Shades. Go here for the full details: http://www.t-crealty.com/sivoia-qs.htm - These are now called the QS Triathlon Shades which now includes a battery operated Roller Shade. I also carry the Serena shades but be aware these can not be added to timeclocks or RA2/QS automation systems. They are pico remote controlled only. And trust me - having these shades auto open and auto close everyday is worth the extra expense. Set them and forget them forever.  Here is a quick demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hMecpwhYJ3w


      Actual cost depends on  size, fabric, cell type & number of shades ordered - average has  been $498 each shipped to you. 

      Average price is for single cell fashion neutral Honeycomb shade that are battery powered in approximately a 28  wide by 36 high window. The fancier room darkening shades in the spun lace are more expensive but the room darkening shades actually offer up to 4.3 R-Value Rating - Amazing! Please fill out the Cellular Shade  Spec form and send it to me for a quick quote. 


      The Motorized Roller Shades start at $589 + shipping. Available after 11/15/13  Average price for 28 wide by 36 high window is $589 (2.5 times less than the wired QS Roller shades). These are amazing and so easy to install - single mount bracket. Available in any Roller Shade Fabric and some even up to 120".


      New as of October 30th, 2013 Alarm.com now fully integrates with RadioRA®2 and I am also an alarm.com dealer due to RA2 client demands. I can preprogram an entire security system (up to 40 total devices including smoke & CO2 detectors) complete with a cellular GSM modem with a battery backup unit - works even if your  telephone lines are cut and they shut off your power! I can provide DIY monitoring plus program these with up to 40 wireless battery operated sensors and ship with your RadioRA®2 programmed system.


      Features include touchscreen display (Simon XTi), talking two way touchscreens for easy at door control, geo-fences, auto alarm schedules, arm/disarm from your smartphone, tablet or computer as well as image sensors that allow you to peek in during the day to check on pets, kids, plus images are taken during all alarm events. You can even peek in on contractors working on your home plus add Schlage auto door locks and you can open the door & turn your lights on for them too!


      Plus you can even set event triggered rules with specific time frames - arm your system with the away mode in the evening and we can set it up to run an away theme and  run a Welcome Home theme when you disarm and return. Or have an All Off theme when you leave and arm your security system during the day! And turn on all your lights  when an alarm is triggered!  And so much more including even weather reports to your panel!


      Smile - Can you tell I am excited? I run this system in my own home and I am just delighted with this new level of control & conditional programming unavailable before with RadioRA2  on its own. Go here to learn more: www.t-crealty.com/alarm-integration.htm




      • Free Shipping, delivery confirmation + shipping  insurance. Guaranteed to work.
      • Please remit payment via PayPal within 3 days.
      • Please provide confirmed  mailing address & telephone number
      • I will ship within 1-2 business days of your  Cleared payment
      • Buy it now requires instant payment
      • Buy multiple items & I'll upgrade to priority shipping
      • Replacement available if  still in stock (may be different color)
      • Alarm.com integration now available for Radiora®2 & Homeworks QS
      • Please Note - RadioRA original is not  compatible with Radiora®2 (Ra2)
      • Used Radiora or RadioRA2 units will need to be reset to factory  (easy to do)
      • Used units will show normal use with some scratches & not all will come with original packaging. 
        Not all new units will ship with all of the instructions due to increased shipping weight/cost. In large systems this can add 3+ pounds to an order. 
      • Need a whole house starter package - let me know and I will put one  together for you
      • Once you experience light control - you'll never go back to  flipping a switch - guaranteed.
      • Auction is for 1 item unless specified otherwise. Ask me if you  need more - I may have new or used still in stock.
      • I am a huge Lutron fan so feel free to ask any questions - I  have installed Maestro, Maestro wireless - MRF2, RA & RA2
      • I can help with most questions about installation as well. No  more X-10 for me - Lutron is truly the only way to go.
      • 30 Day Return if defective. I guarantee all items  to work - Buyer pays return shipping. 6NA dimmers are very sensitive so I do recommend you use an electrician to install - you must put brass to the light load and black to the hot line or you will short the switch out. 
      • Return Policy -   Returns only accepted if defective (which rarely occurs due to  Lutron's Fabulous Quality Controls). Please return defective  item insured with delivery confirmation and upon receipt another will be immediately sent to you if in stock or ordered & shipped  to you if not on hand. There is a 20% restocking/handling fee to  cover shipping, handling & eBay/paypal fees if you changed your  mind and no longer want the item only as long as long as it was  not used/installed or if upon return the item is not defective.  If items show they were installed/used - there is a 30%  restocking/handling fee.   This will be issued as a credit and you can purchase other items in my eBay store or a replacement device will be mailed to you. If you do not like the color - just  let me know and I can order color change kit for you.

      Thank you for considering my auction(s)! If you need something  shipped today or if you need more than one or multiple items - feel  free to contact me anytime. I want you to be happy with your  purchase - please contact me immediately if there are any problems. Message  me today for a link to all of your options  or a request to upload brochure via eBay. I  guarantee my items and I will resolve, replace or refund upon return  of the item(s). Also I ship insured so we are both protected!