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Town & Country Realty via t-crealty store

Teresa Snyder Lutron Designer RadioRA®2 Programmer
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United States
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Invoice date 2/5/2015 
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Due date 2/5/2015 

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Description Quantity Unit price Amount
Homeworks®QS 600 Watt dimmer - In stock - Homeworks®QS 600 Watt dimmer - Gloss White. 4 $185.00 $740.00
Homeworks®QS 600 Watt CL dimmer - In stock - Homeworks®QS 600 Watt dimmer - Gloss White. 1 $185.00 $185.00
Homeworks®QS 1000 Watt dimmer - In stock - Homeworks®QS 1000 Watt dimmer - Gloss White without the wallplate. Sorry - I thought I had more 6Ds in stock. Had a big order go out Monday. 9 $229.00 $2,061.00
Homeworks®QS - RF Hybrid Repeater - 1 $345.00 $345.00
Homeworks®QS Processor - Homeworks®QS Processor 1 $850.00 $850.00
Homeworks®QS Hybrid Keypad - Homeworks®QS Hybrid Keypad - 6 button Raise/Lower - Includes free engraving. - Will order engraving asap so that you get the Limestone faceplate as that color is not in stock.Thank you! 3 $449.00 $1,347.00
Custom Courtesy Keypad Engraving - I strongly recommend you consider a minimum of 2 keypads for your system. Either by replacing 1 dimmer with a keypad (Hybrid) or adding a keypad to a wallbox (just needs hot & neutral) or install in place of a companion. Button Configuration & Color can be changed on the keypads when engraving is ordered - I just ask that the original button kits be mailed back to me when exchanged out/fine if dirty, covered in scratches &/or stickers. 3 $0.00 $0.00
Keypad Color Change Button Kit Replacements - Includes Replacement button kit from in stock buttons + button labels. If you want the button kit engraved at a later date - Cost is $65. If you will take a used button kit for now - then I will do engraving at the $45 price. Unfortunately if I order these new Lutron charges $75 whether these are engraved or blank. I just ask that you ship these button kits back to me once you get the engraved ones installed. 0 $45.00 $0.00
Dimmer or Switch Color Change Kit - I stock Gloss White devices as 99% of my jobs are all Gloss White. And I can get these ordered the fastest. So if you want any other color and you have 26 different color choices - let me know and I will get this ordered for you. Copy this link for colors: http://www.lutron.com/en-US/Products/Pages/WholeHomeSystems/RadioRA2/DesignOptions.aspx

Colors on the Keypad Button Kits can be changed when we order engraving. Otherwise - I have to order engraving to change out the button kit. That cost is $65 even if the buttons are not engraved. I can order keypads in any color but they are a special order and can take 4-8 weeks to come in.
0 $15.00 $0.00
Free Ground Shipping +Zero sales tax + Volume Order Discount - Faster shipping services, including overnight delivery, are available at an additional cost - just ask for a faster shipping estimate. Prefer FedEx but you can specify your preference. Handling time is @1-2 days. 1 $0.00 $0.00
FedEx 10:30am Monday Delivery - Otherwise - Saturday delivery is $100.60 1 $84.04 $84.04
Subtotal $5,612.04
Total $5,612.04 USD

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** Please click "See Your Invoice" link in email from PayPal for detailed itemized request. My comments below are so much easier to read on the detailed PayPal request - I promise! **_________________________

Here you go Dan!

I know you said that time is not of the essence with your project but it so is on my end. I have sent this PayPal invoice to you as I only have a few of each of these devices left in stock. I do have to apologize as I thought I had more HQRD-6Ds in stock. Forgot I had a large order go out last week.

I do have 3 Hybrid keypads in stock - they are the 6BRL configuration so let me know if you need differently. Two are not in their original boxes but they are new - never programmed.

I have also included the engraving on the keypad you purchased via eBay. I will send in your engraving request as soon as I receive the engraving forms for you too!

Thank you so very much for your repeat business & great communication! And Again Thank you for considering my help with your ★ Lutron Homeworks®QS project - I know you have a choice of where & who to buy from so I want you to know that I do appreciate your business more than you will ever know!

Please keep a list of questions for me - I am here to help you & I am happy to be of service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email at teresa@t-crealty.com or you can call or text 24 Hours to 541-331-3421 (even orders and I can have a PayPal request to you usually within 1 hour or less).


Teresa N. Snyder
Lutron Designer & Programmer
Alarm.com Dealer – specializing in Lutron integration via Alarm.com
Lighting, Staging & Motorized Shades Designer
Home Automation Consultant
Call/Text 24 hrs 541-331-3421
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Town & Country Realty
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Specializing in Home Automation with Lighting, Staging, Shades, HVAC + Alarm integration

Please Note: Integrating your Homeworks®QS system with a security system via Alarm.com will allow you to control your lights and security system all from your smartphone or tablet! Fabulous control!

Terms and conditions

Problems? Please contact us first. Please do note that I am a designer not a wholesale Vendor/Liquidator. My Goal is to keep you thrilled with your purchase so please contact me any time! Thank you! Teresa

NEW - Lutron now offers a battery or 12 Volt powered Roller Shade that is crazy easy to install – (single mount bracket) the smaller sizes start at $589 and cellular shades start at $489.

Discounts - I will discount this invoice by 2% if you prefer to send in a bank wire, certified funds &/or check to Teresa Snyder c/o Town & Country Realty, 2300 Biehn, Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Inventory Policy - If I give you a quote, unless noted, this is in stock ready to ship within 24 hours of the quote. If another invoice is remitted before yours, stock may change. Quotes & inventory are both extremely time sensitive.

Programmed systems: Shipping will depend on how fast you can get the planning worksheet back to me + the information I request (device locations, bulbs controlled, scene settings, keypad button names, etc.) plus how many systems I am currently programming + inventory available. Systems are shipped fully operational. This invoice does not include Installation or after installation support - If needed, please arrange a support package for such.

NOTE: If you go over the allotted time for your system - it may ship unprogrammed unless additional time is paid for. I only budget an hour design time for starter kits so if you need more time or have more questions - I'll need to invoice you for more design time hours. If you convert your starter kit to a larger system (Smile - which most of you do - Thank you!) - I will need the invoice paid (or a portion thereof) before we start the detailed design phase for your larger system.

Lutron radically increased the price of color change kits in 2014. Cost went from $3.60 to $15 each. Quotes will be for white devices unless noted.

Shipping Policy - Please provide cellphone for shipping company. All purchases over $250 are sent with signature confirmation and to confirmed addresses as required by PayPal. Some devices may not ship in their original retail boxes due increased cost due to size/weight. Please specify if you want all of the retail packaging.

Cancellation Policy - Due to the nature of design, custom programming + the overall time commitment on my end - there are no refunds. The time allotted per your invoice is at my standard labor rate of a $120 per hour. I will resell the devices if they are not perfect for you + issue you a credit after expenses.

Return Policy - Returns only accepted if defective (which rarely occurs due to Lutron's Fabulous Quality Controls). Returns due to other issues require prior approval. Shades are not returnable unless defective but I am happy to help you resell them if they are not perfect for you.

Please return defective item with delivery confirmation + insurance. Upon receipt another will be immediately sent to you if in stock or ordered & shipped to you if not on hand. If you need the device right away - an invoice will be sent for the replacement and a refund ONLY if Lutron determines the defective device is not due to installation errors.

Subject to Approval: There is a 25% restocking/handling fee to cover shipping & handling fees if you changed your mind and no longer want the item only as long as it was not used/installed or if upon return the item is not defective.

If items show they were installed/used - there is a 30% restocking fee to cover handling & shipping costs plus reduced device value as I can not resell used devices at the price you originally bought them for. I will resell the devices and issue you a refund after expenses. If you need to switch models that is fine but the restocking fee will still apply.

Refunds only with prior approval & there are no refunds on programming. Refunds are issued as credits only minus restocking/handling fees & can be applied toward the purchase of Lutron items in stock.