❶ New RadioRA2 Pico Lutron RA2 Homeworks QS Grafik Eye Shades PJ-3BRL-GBL-I01

$ 67.98


 New RadioRA®2 or Homeworks QS Pico in Black - 

Some have the light bulb (icon) engraving - some have say Light which is text engraving. 

I also have Shade picos too but most of those are text engraving! Just let me know your preference. If I don't have it in stock - I can order it for you.

Pedestal not included but I have these in stock if you would like one or more. 

Up for auction is a  Lutron Pico PJ-3BRL-GBL-I01 - These picos work with Radiora 2/RA2, as well as Maestro Wireless (MRF2), Homeworks QS, QS Grafik Eye, Lutron QS Shades, + Radio Powr Savr Occupancy Sensors (LRF2).  

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These are the 3 button picos (don't know why they call them 3 buttons when there are 5 - on, off, Favorite + raise/lower) - I have a few of these if you need more than one. I also have other models, 2 Buttons - just on and off or the Power ones for appliances. They do not, however, have the little green light next to the Word Light on the Large Photo like the older models did.

I also have a few extra of the specifically MRF2 picos which I can include for $42 each - I have ivory 3 button (don't know why they call them 3 buttons when there are 5 - on, off, favorite & raise/lower) or a white MRF2  2 button picos - just on and off... - You can choose which style you want if you need extra.. Or I can order you exactly what you desire. 

I also have black gloss or ivory wallplates that match the pico for $6 more. 

These do not come with the mounting brackets unfortunately anymore. If you need a wall mount bracket or the garage door remote kit- I can include that for $6 more - see below pricing & options.

I have these in stock now:

Accessories kit with standalone adhesive mount plate, 2 screws, 2 anchors - PICO-SM-KIT $6

Car visor accessories kit with metal car visor clip and plastic mount plate PICO-CARVISOR - $6.75

Pico® wireless control faceplate adapter PICO-FP-ADAPT - Mounts directly in to the Lutron screwless wallplates and makes the pico look like a built in switch (this is my favorite installation). $9

Pico wireless control single pedestal - L-PED1 - $48(Lutron offers pedestals to hold 1-4 picos) and you can order the single pedestals in white is $48 or black $65. 

If you need duals to quads – let me know the color you want.  I have single, duals, & triples in stock in both black or white


The PJ Picos are the newer replacement for the RRD-P3BRL-L RRD which is now an old, obsolete #. The newer PJ works universally with as the Maestro, QS Grafik Eye, shades and RA2, however the Maestro RF is not RA2 compatible. One of the reasons of the change is so they don't have a Unique Pico p/n for each line, they also made it smaller, less expensive and battery life longer. 

Why I love Picos & RA2- (You can do the same with MRF2 & QS)

Pair a Pico, Visor Adapter Kit & an RA2 dimmer or switch – and you have a quick and easy Car Safe Entry Kit.

Pair a Pico & an RA2 dimmer or switch (or multiple units) – and you have the Best Bed Side Panic Button I have ever seen. You can set it to turn off all your inside lights (or dim to 5-10%) and turn on your outside lights to Full so someone outside cannot see you but guaranteed – you’ll give them a great scare! I have set this up for all my single friends, newly single friends + all my relatives.  

Pair a Pico & an RA2 dimmer or switch – and you have the absolute easiest way to get a 3 way switch. Just pull off the sticky tape tab & stick to the wall. I had to screw mine in due to the wall's texture on some of them till my order of the wallplate adapter came in. Then you can just mount the pico in that adapter that fits in perfectly to the protective Lutron screwless wallplates and then screw the wallplate to the wall. Such a Fabulous Invention! Let me know if you need a photo of the process.

I think I have 20 in my house alone as my switches were all in the absolute wrong spots all throughout my house.

I can't tell you how fabulous these picos are when paired with a switches or dimmer. I put one at my entry with a motion sensor so when I come home at night & open the front door my lights turn on. I added a lamp with dimmer control unit - mrf2-3ldh - in the parlor so it turns on as well until I walk through the room. There were no light switches in the parlor and the only way to turn on the entry light was to walk through a long dark room. I added a pico in the dining room so I can turn on the lights if I need something out of my purse or if someone is knocking on the door - 20 ft away. I smile every time I walk in and lights come on - it's like having a butler (well...almost). 

I also installed this & a motion sensor in the hall to the bathroom whose switch was on the far wall opposite of the main pathway. Now I don't have to fumble in the night to find the door to the bathroom. I also put one in my bedroom & a pico so I can turn off the lights after I am in bed. So much nicer!

Next plan is to put this on the under cabinet lights in the kitchen with a motion sensor for that nice ambiance in the evening and also in the bathroom and have the fan run after someone leaves (vacancy setting) for 5-10 minutes. Hope that will help with my moisture/paint problems appearing on the ceiling as I am the only one that seems to remember to run the fan. Argh!

Feel free to ask any questions! I promise you won't be disappointed - Brand new.  Will replace if defective upon arrival or damaged in shipping as long as I still have spares. These are going fast so don't wait for once I am out of stock - I don't think I can find any more at this price point.



  • Ability to wirelessly adjust lighting from up to 30 feet away
  • Utilizes Lutron's exclusive Clear Connect RF Technology
  • Included battery provides 10 years of operation
  • Can be mounted on a wall, tabletop, car visor, or handheld
  • Works with several Lutron solutions including window treatments

Essential Info

You arrive home, tired from a long and exhausting day. You stumble your way to your favorite couch, plop down and power up your television hoping to catch the end of your favorite sitcom. It's too dark though and you would prefer more light in the room however, you're just too relaxed and comfortable to muster up the strength to get up and physically turn on the multiple switches required to get you the amount of light you need. Wouldn't it be convenient if your home's lighting system could be adjusted wirelessly? Every product these days seem to come with a type of wireless remote control to interact with; your home's lighting system is of no exception. 

Lutron's Pico Wireless Remote (model: PJ-3BRL- GWH-T01) integrates into one of the many Lutron lighting and window dressing solutions. The Pico Wireless Remote utilizes Lutron's Clear Connect RF Technology, which operates on a quiet frequency band allowing for a quick and smooth response with signal essentially free of interference. Up to 10 total Lutron Maestro Wireless dimmers and switches can be used with just one Pico Wireless Remote for maximum control of your home's Lutron based lighting system. In addition, the Pico Wireless Remote provides up to 10 year of operation with the included and pre-installed CR2032 battery, up to 30 feet of range, can be wall mounted with a Lutron Pico Wall Mount (sold separate), installed into a car's window visor, placed on to a tabletop with a Lutron Pedestal (sold separate), and adding a new or additional point of control can be done easily without the need for new wires. With so many features, Lutron's versatile Pico Wireless Remote makes for a perfect addition to your home's Lutron based lighting system. It's convenient, provides additional security, and is a great feature for the modern home.

What's Included

  • 1x - Lutron PJ-3BRL- GBL-T01 Pico Wireless Remote in White
  • 1x - CR2032 Battery (Pre-installed)
  • More Info

    Model: PJ-3BRL- GBL-T01 provides four buttons with different functions: 

  • The top button brings lights up to their full intensity and the bottom button will dim lights down until they fully turn off. If being used as a wireless remote control for a Lutron window dressing solution, the top button will fully open shades or draperies while the bottom button will fully close the shades or draperies. 

  • When used with Lutrong's GRAFIK Eye QS system, the top button activates "Scene 1" while the bottom button turns it off. 

  • The two center buttons control how high or low the lights will dim. If used with a window treatment system, they control the partial closing and opening of the drapes or curtains.
    Note: The 30 foot range of Lutron's Pico Wireless Remote will vary depending on the construction of your home. Wall materials, distances between components, nearby heavy duty electrical equipment, and the overall general architecture of your home will affect wireless range.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Lutron
    Manufacturer Product No. PJ-3BRL- GBL-T01
    UPC 027557865791
    Color Black
    Operating Range Up to 30 Feet
    Number of Buttons Four
    Battery Type 1x - CR2032
    Supports the Lutron Solutions
  • Maestro Wireless
  • Energi TriPak
  • RadioRA 2
  • Homeworks QS
  • Energi Savr Node with Softswitch
  • EcoSystem
  • Quantum
  • Mounting Options Wall (with a wall mount), Tabletop (with a pedestal), Car (window visor attachment), or Handheld
    Dimensions 0.31D x 1.30W x 2.6L Inches

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    Interested in Adding Motorized Shades to your Home?


    Consider adding Lutron's Sivoia QS  Wireless Honeycomb or Roller Shades. Go here for the full details: http://www.t-crealty.com/sivoia-qs.htm - These are now called the QS Triathlon Shades which now includes a battery operated Roller Shade. I also carry the Serena shades but be aware these can not be added to timeclocks or RA2/QS automation systems. They are pico remote controlled only. And trust me - having these shades auto open and auto close everyday is worth the extra expense. Set them and forget them forever.  Here is a quick demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hMecpwhYJ3w


    Actual cost depends on  size, fabric, cell type & number of shades ordered - average has  been $498 each shipped to you. 

    Average price is for single cell fashion neutral Honeycomb shade that are battery powered in approximately a 28  wide by 36 high window. The fancier room darkening shades in the spun lace are more expensive but the room darkening shades actually offer up to 4.3 R-Value Rating - Amazing! Please fill out the Cellular Shade  Spec form and send it to me for a quick quote. 


    The Motorized Roller Shades start at $589 + shipping. Available after 11/15/13  Average price for 28 wide by 36 high window is $589 (2.5 times less than the wired QS Roller shades). These are amazing and so easy to install - single mount bracket. Available in any Roller Shade Fabric and some even up to 120".


    New as of October 30th, 2013 Alarm.com now fully integrates with RadioRA®2 and I am also an alarm.com dealer due to RA2 client demands. I can preprogram an entire security system (up to 40 total devices including smoke & CO2 detectors) complete with a cellular GSM modem with a battery backup unit - works even if your  telephone lines are cut and they shut off your power! I can provide DIY monitoring plus program these with up to 40 wireless battery operated sensors and ship with your RadioRA®2 programmed system.


    Features include touchscreen display (Simon XTi), talking two way touchscreens for easy at door control, geo-fences, auto alarm schedules, arm/disarm from your smartphone, tablet or computer as well as image sensors that allow you to peek in during the day to check on pets, kids, plus images are taken during all alarm events. You can even peek in on contractors working on your home plus add Schlage auto door locks and you can open the door & turn your lights on for them too!


    Plus you can even set event triggered rules with specific time frames - arm your system with the away mode in the evening and we can set it up to run an away theme and  run a Welcome Home theme when you disarm and return. Or have an All Off theme when you leave and arm your security system during the day! And turn on all your lights  when an alarm is triggered!  And so much more including even weather reports to your panel!


    Smile - Can you tell I am excited? I run this system in my own home and I am just delighted with this new level of control & conditional programming unavailable before with RadioRA2  on its own. Go here to learn more: www.t-crealty.com/alarm-integration.htm




    • Free Shipping, delivery confirmation + shipping  insurance. Guaranteed to work.
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    • I will ship within 1-2 business days of your  Cleared payment
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    • Buy multiple items & I'll upgrade to priority shipping
    • Replacement available if  still in stock (may be different color)
    • Alarm.com integration now available for Radiora®2 & Homeworks QS
    • Please Note - RadioRA original is not  compatible with Radiora®2 (Ra2)
    • Used Radiora or RadioRA2 units will need to be reset to factory  (easy to do)
    • Used units will show normal use with some scratches & not all will come with original packaging. 
      Not all new units will ship with all of the instructions due to increased shipping weight/cost. In large systems this can add 3+ pounds to an order. 
    • Need a whole house starter package - let me know and I will put one  together for you
    • Once you experience light control - you'll never go back to  flipping a switch - guaranteed.
    • Auction is for 1 item unless specified otherwise. Ask me if you  need more - I may have new or used still in stock.
    • I am a huge Lutron fan so feel free to ask any questions - I  have installed Maestro, Maestro wireless - MRF2, RA & RA2
    • I can help with most questions about installation as well. No  more X-10 for me - Lutron is truly the only way to go.
    • 30 Day Return if defective. I guarantee all items  to work - Buyer pays return shipping. 6NA dimmers are very sensitive so I do recommend you use an electrician to install - you must put brass to the light load and black to the hot line or you will short the switch out. 
    • Return Policy -   Returns only accepted if defective (which rarely occurs due to  Lutron's Fabulous Quality Controls). Please return defective  item insured with delivery confirmation and upon receipt another will be immediately sent to you if in stock or ordered & shipped  to you if not on hand. There is a 20% restocking/handling fee to  cover shipping, handling & eBay/paypal fees if you changed your  mind and no longer want the item only as long as long as it was  not used/installed or if upon return the item is not defective.  If items show they were installed/used - there is a 30%  restocking/handling fee.   This will be issued as a credit and you can purchase other items in my eBay store or a replacement device will be mailed to you. If you do not like the color - just  let me know and I can order color change kit for you.

    Thank you for considering my auction(s)! If you need something  shipped today or if you need more than one or multiple items - feel  free to contact me anytime. I want you to be happy with your  purchase - please contact me immediately if there are any problems. Message  me today for a link to all of your options  or a request to upload brochure via eBay. I  guarantee my items and I will resolve, replace or refund upon return  of the item(s). Also I ship insured so we are both protected!