RadioRA®2 Consultation & System Design Services + Triathlon & Sivoia QS Shades

$ 120.00 $ 250.00


Triathlon Rollers & Cellular Shades, Sivoia QS Shades PLUS RadioRA®2  Consultation & System Design Services.

Please note - nothing is shipped to you.

First half hour consultation is complementary.

Either via text messages, email or  telephone (text or call 541-331-3421). Your choice!

After that, please choose  your preferred support level and pick  the amount of time you think you will need for me to answer questions, help with  system design, keypad &/or virtual keypad programming questions, etc.  and  complete the checkout process. 


Cost per hour is  $120.00 


Buy 4 hours and the 5th  is free.

All paid support hours will count towards the design phase in your purchased RadioRA®system  or motorized shade purchase.


If  you are ready to get started right away - Please proceed with your RadioRA®2  system -  Just go to my eBay store here:

and purchase a Starter Kit System or choose the devices from My Build Your Own RadioRA®2 Programmed  System. 

Please review the detailed pricing on these pages as well as my costs are  detailed out. 

A  purchase of either system will reserve my next opening for programming for you  (just be sure to add in a Main Repeater if you select the Build your own  system). Keep in mind my openings for programming are limited to a small number  per month as this is a labor intensive & complicated process.  But the end  result is a fabulous DIY project or setup for an electrician to easily install  for you.

I will  need the following planning worksheet submitted as well: 

I truly look forward to  helping you join  the RA-volution + help build your ★ Lutron RadioRA®2  System  which will  add Wireless Home Control to your life with Lighting,  Theater & Appliance control, Motorized Shading Systems, HVAC & even  Alarm/Security integration.  Feel free to message me back any questions anytime.

Also please message me back with what  your budget is for your project &  how soon you plan to start your install- that  will let me know if I can make this work for you.

I offer full RadioRA®2  programming  and  I strongly recommend, as well, that you have me program your  system so you can get the full benefits of the RA2 system. Once you hit the 4K  mark in orders and as long as I have programmed at minimum a starter kit system  (designed and activated your devices) – I can get you a copy of the software  (Lutron's  Rules) plus enable the smartphone & tablet control, integration  and  even add in virtual keypads for those devices as well. I also offer access to  future updates too (there have been 7 upgrades this  year and each one just gets better & more robust). I also recommend that I  program your system as out of every 50 or so devices I program - 1 or 2 just  fail during the transfer. This way I can just replace those with zero  inconvenience to you. 

You can run this system with about 10 devices with walk around manual  programming and without a repeater. Over that amount you can still run the  system & up to 95 devices  with walk around manual programming with a repeater.  However, you do not get access to the advanced features of the RadioRA®2 system  - timeclock features or the smartphone & tablet control. And all the devices  will have to be factory reset in order to software program which is a real  inconvenience. Trust me - I learned the hard way and climbing up on a ladder to  factory reset my occupancy sensors was not fun!


I also offer Alarm & HVAC integration Plus I am shade  certified so if you decide you want to add the Sivoia QS Wireless Battery  Operated Shades - do let me know.  They run about $450-$480 for the smaller  sizes -  larger sizes, Rio Fabrics & wired power options cost a bit more.  Or  the Triathlon Roller Shades which run about $550-589 for the smaller window  sizes. But both are so fabulous. This link will explain more about Lutron's  wireless motorized cellular shades: and get  access to the spec form that I will need back to organize a quote for you. I  also have access to Lutron's full motorized shading line including roller  shades, drapery tracks, roman shades, Venetian blinds, etc.


Here is my planning worksheet that helps you  more easily navigate the  RadioRA®2  process room by room:    or I can email you my excel form if you know your total number of fixtures, type  of bulbs (LED, CFL, Halogens, Incandescent, etc) and proposed wattage on each  circuit.  You can go here for more information:


Also as long as I program your system and you keep buying devices through me - I  will give you access to all software updates.


And my client's are thrilled with their systems. Here is one of my most  cherished testimonials:


I can also put a package together for you as well  in about an hour & list a private auction for you.   


Plus I can have a system shipped out usually within  24 hours weekdays as long as I have everything in stock or if I program - plan  on about 48-72 hours.  It just depends on what I have in stock,  how many  systems I have to program ahead of yours, if you submitted my planning worksheet and when your payment clears as my shipping  deadline is 2 pm PST Monday thru Friday. My inventory and time to program are  all time sensitive.


Just let me know! Feel no pressure from me though - I am  here to help and I can be as involved as you would like me to be.


Again Thank you for considering my help with  your   Lutron RadioRA®2  project  - I know you have a choice of where & who to buy from  so I want you to know that I do appreciate your business more than you will ever  know!


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to  message me back anytime. Thank you!    




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Click here to learn how lighting can change your life:  & see how  RadioRA®2 can  not only simplify your life but put your Home Life on autopilot as well!


Please  Note:  Integrating your RadioRA®2 system  with a security system via will allow  you to control your lights and security system all from your smartphone or  tablet! Fabulous control!. This will allow you access to conditional programming  previously unavailable and only reserved for Lutron's Flagship Homeworks QS  line. Yes - this is super exciting news & this integration was just released  October 30th, 2013.Go here for more details